Polaris Ranger Fire 5554-11

Introducing the All-New Polaris® Fire-Fighting and Rescue Vehicles | Featuring a VERSAX® Multipurpose Pump

Polaris® Government & Defense is dedicated to fire-fighting and rescue professionals. These highly mobile RANGER® vehicles allow for organizations to improve response time and reach without compromising mission effectiveness when paired with professionally designed and installed equipment like fire-fighting kits, emergency lighting kits, public address systems, sirens, rescue kits, custom fire fighting and rescue graphics, and more.

Quickly respond to remote areas to eliminate threats with these professionally designed kits by RKO Enterprises. This solution provides true, and trusted off-road fire-fighting capability when paired with the industry leading RANGER®.



Polaris Ranger Fire HVAC 2090 End Mount-1 Polaris Ranger Fire HVAC 2176 Top Mount-1 Polaris Ranger Fire Rescue HVAC 2082 Compact Mount-1 Polaris Ranger Fire Rescue HVAC 2086 Compact Mount-1 Polaris Ranger Fire Rescue HVAC 2139-1