We've recently improved our dealer platform with new material designed to elevate your experience and enhance your promotional efforts for WATERAX pumps and products. Take a look at what's fresh:

Updated Brand Guide: Delve into the revised Brand Guide for the latest insights and guidelines on effectively showcasing WATERAX and use our registered trademark and logo. .

Fresh Images: Discover a collection of new images capturing WATERAX products in various settings, and most importantly the MARK-3 Watson Edition pump!

Engaging Videos: Explore our latest videos that highlight the features, benefits, and applications of our products.

Updated Communications: Stay well-informed with our latest communications, including price lists and promotional materials.

COOP Advertising Program: Take advantage of our cooperative advertising program to advertise WATERAX and your business together.

We believe these additions to the dealer platform will empower you to better serve your customers and achieve new heights in your business. Log in today to explore the abundance of fresh content and leverage these valuable resources.


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We are looking forward to a great rest of the year with you!