We are delighted to announce Wildfire Week, a significant event presented by Firefighting in Canada and proudly sponsored by WATERAX. This initiative aims to keep you updated on the most pressing issues affecting the wildland firefighting community and areas impacted by wildfires.

As the threat of wildfires continues to rise due to climate change, it's imperative to address critical concerns such as budget allocation, prevention initiatives, staffing, mitigation strategies, preparedness measures, response protocols, and recovery efforts.

We invite you to be part of this important conversation by attending Wildfire Week online. It's an opportunity to stay informed, collaborate with industry experts, and contribute to proactive solutions for wildfire management.

In addition, don't miss the chance to visit WATERAX at booth 2435 during FDIC International, happening from April 18-20, 2024, in Indianapolis. We will be showcasing the ground-breaking MARK-3® Watson Edition, a super lightweight, high-pressure fire pump that represents the latest innovation in our trusted MARK-3® pump series.

Join us at Wildfire Week and FDIC International to explore cutting-edge solutions and advancements in wildland firefighting technology. Together, we can make a difference in protecting our communities and natural environments.