We are excited to announce a new promotional campaign in collaboration with NASCAR drivers and renowned outdoorsmen, Ward and Jeb Burton. This partnership will highlight our commitment to supporting wildland fire prevention and effective water management with our cutting-edge WATERAX pumps.

As we gear up for the campaign, we would like to introduce a new promo code: BurtonsPump20, which will be crucial for tracking the effectiveness of our efforts. We ask that you prepare your systems to accommodate this code and ensure it is active upon the launch of the campaign.

**Any discounts from sales associated with this discount code will be reimbursed via a credit note after you submit info to our Director of Sales & Marketing**

Products featured will include the VERSAX® 6E self-priming multipurpose pump, and backpack pumps, all of which are renowned for their lightweight design and high-pressure capabilities. This campaign not only aims to boost our visibility in the market but also to solidify our role in providing solutions that make a significant impact in wildland fire prevention and management.

Please ensure your teams are briefed about this upcoming campaign and are ready to support the influx of customer inquiries and orders this promotion is expected to generate. We count on your cooperation to make this a successful partnership.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication.