Introducing Nicole Wiebe: A former Wildland Firefighter turned artist, Nicole brings her unique blend of experience and creativity to our special project. With seven seasons spent battling wildfires across Ontario, Quebec, BC, Alberta, and Oregon, her dedication to protecting our forests runs deep. Now, she's combining her firefighting background with her artistic talents to craft a special edition t-shirt honoring the 60th anniversary of the MARK-3 pump. Join us in celebrating Nicole's journey and the meaningful contribution she's making to this commemorative endeavor.

About Nicole:

  • Nicole has worked on a Contract crew, a Firetack crew, the Rocky Mountain House Unit Crew in Alberta, and the Kamloops Bighorns Unit Crew in BC.
  • She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and is currently on her journey to becoming a Red Seal Electrician and then a Millwright.
  • Born in White Rock, BC, Nicole is a proud sibling to three younger siblings and has two loving parents.

Nicole's Journey:

  • Nicole's story is one of unexpected turns and remarkable growth. From a shy and anxious teenager, she blossomed into a confident and creative individual, challenging herself as a Wildland Firefighter. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's passion.

The MARK-3® Pump Connection:

Nicole highlights the importance of the MARK-3 pump in her role as a wildland firefighter, sharing memorable experiences such as:

  • Starting the pump using a rope!
  • Attempting to start the MARK-3 pump with a belt.
  • Submerging the MARK-3 pump in the muskeg in Fort Chipewyan and still getting it to start!
  • Jumping into swamps to prime the suction hose, creating lasting memories with her co-workers.

Creativity and Camaraderie:

Being a great firefighter, according to Nicole, involves creativity and building strong friendships. She emphasizes the joy of teaching colleagues to knit and mend work pants during standby evenings. Nicole's creative outlet extends to her art, which you can find on Instagram @campfirequickies.

Words of Wisdom:

Nicole's message is clear – follow your heart, be confident, and pursue your passion. Stay safe, be kind, support your crewmates, make Fireline friends, and never stop being creative. And if you're missing the Fireline, why not paint MARK-3 pumps on tote bags?

Join us in celebrating Nicole's journey and her contributions to the world of Wildland Firefighting. To get your hands on a limited edition t-shirt designed by Nicole, simply contact our team at [email protected] or meet us on the road at a demo or trade show near you!

Let's honor Nicole's dedication and talent while commemorating the 60th anniversary of the MARK-3 pump in style.

Stay safe and inspired,