The Smokey Generation is a passion project founded by Bethany Hannah, owner of Wildland Fire Careers. The website was created as part of her thesis project for her Master of Arts degree in Environmental Studies (with a concentration in wildland fire management and communications).  Her goal is to collect and share stories from wildland firefighters throughout the country so that we can preserve the history and culture of the wildland firefighting industry and stimulate discussion about wildland fire itself.

Here are American Wildfire Experience 2022 Wildland Fire Digital Storytelling Micro-Grant Recipients!

Kelly Bouchard and Ryan Skinner (Canada // multimedia // @ryan.skinnerr //

Liz and Amory (Canada // Web Media // @fireseasonbook )

Brandon Dunham (USA // Podcast //@theanchorpointpodcast)

Harrison Raine (USA // Photography // @Harrison.raine) in collaboration with Greg Jones(BCWS), Pablo Alcorta (SPLIF), Borja Ruiz and Victor Cruz (GRAF), and Patrick Ryan (VWS).

Gillian Moore (USA // Mixed-media //

Fanny Tricone (Belize // Videography)

Brandon Robels (USA // Webcomic // @pretty_much_there // @wemovemountainswithspoons)

Michael Horn (USA // Videography // @Tradewindshd )

Nicholas Boling (USA // Writing // @bolingnp)

Silvie Fojtik (Canada // Photography // @silviefojtik)

Cameron Royce (USA // Writing // @cameronjroyce )

Eric Abramson (USA // Videography// @epasan)

Terra Fondriest (USA // Photography // @terrafondriest)

Chosen from among many talented applicants, the 13 selectees represent a cross-section of international wildland firefighters intent on telling the story of wildland fire in creative, authentic, insightful and compelling ways.

Congratulations all!