From the foothill of the Sierra Mountains in Central California, the Calaveras Consolidated Fire Protection District.

They protect life, property and the environment.

Wildland Forest Fires, Vehicle Accidents, EMS, Air Ambulance Evacuations and Residential Fires

Webisode 1: Meet the members

The Calaveras Consolidated Fire Protection District (Cal-Co Fire) was formed on July 1, 2013 through a Joint Power Agreement between Jenny Lind and Foothill Fire Protection Districts. Cal-Co Fire covers roughly a 163 square mile area in the western portion of Calaveras County. The Calaveras Consolidated Protection District serves 15 000 people. They have a deployment strategy that can address these people's needs with quick response time.

Several of the crew members inventory the pumps that they will be testing, such as the MARK-3® fire pump.

The crews head out and while the firefighters are testing WATERAX water pumps, Chief Jason Robitaille takes us to the Fire Lookout Tower and explains how this area is at high risk of wildland fires during the fire season.

The firefighters arrive at the location of today's testing and training, an area from a recent wildland fire. The crew members prepare for the training in the hot sun, something they need to deal with in this part of Central California.

11:38 Testing the VERSAX®Multipurpose Portable Self-Priming Fire Pump

They unload the pump and the necessary gear needed as the captain goes over the plan of action for the day. This training exercise is to prepare the firefighters for battling fire in extremely dry and unconventional locations, far away from water resources.

Flowing the water from the tender, the crew dispenses a necessary amount of water into a inflatable pool where they will be drafting the water from with the fire pump. Firefighters must be able to to have their own reliable and transportable water source solution when they're out in dry locations far off from the city's water supply.

They start the self-priming pump, tighten the nozzles and hose lines are charged and ready to go