The innovative pump end quick release clamp provides ease of maintenance without requiring disassembly of the entire unit, significantly reducing equipment downtime, which can prove crucial in emergency situations.

One of the WATERAX platform’s unique features is its quick release clamp system which allows almost instantaneous pump end detachment and interchange. This reduces equipment downtime, increase its flexibility and significantly cuts costs.

Removing or Attaching the Pump End

The MARK-3 Watson Edition pump has a quick release pump clamp and detachable pump end which facilitates the servicing of pump units and minimizes down-time in the field by allowing the quick replacement of pump ends.

To remove pump from engine:

  1. Lift pump clamp lever.
  2. Release tension-adjusting knob.
  3. Remove clamp.
  4. Remove pump from engine.

To attach the pump end to the engine:

  1. Place the coupling belt on either the engine or pump end coupling drive.
  2. Align the teeth of the pump end coupling drive with the coupling belt and install.
  3. Install the pump clamp with the lever on the top side, with the tension knob orientated towards the muffler.
  4. Finger tighten tension knob to obtain a light pressure on clamp link and close lever.

For the complete instructions for the MARK-3 Watson Edition browse the Owner’s Manual