Environmental damage, together with climate change, is driving the water-related crises we see around the world.

Nature-based solutions have the potential to solve many of our water challenges. Planting trees to replenish forests, reconnecting rivers to floodplains, and restoring wetlands, is a sustainable and cost-effective way to help rebalance the water cycle, mitigate the effects of climate change and improve human health and livelihoods.

At WATERAX, we are dedicated to doing our part to rejuvenate environments devastated by wildfires—and what better way than planting trees? Each new tree contributes to cleaner air and water, improved biodiversity, and sequestering carbon, while mitigating climate change and creating a healthier world for everyone.

Planting trees after wildfires is critical to reduce further damage and establish a new forest for future generations. In partnership with various organizations in Canada and the United States, such as American Forests, National Forest Foundation and One Tree Planted, WATERAX has already donated 6000 trees since July to contribute to forest regeneration after severe wildfires.

When we neglect our ecosystems, we make it harder to provide everyone with the water we need to survive and thrive. Damaged ecosystems affect the quantity and quality of water available for human consumption.

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