Protect yourself, your family and your home from wildfires.

Do you live near or in a wildfire area? Is your home in danger as fire season approaches?

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How to Conduct a Wildland Fire Assessment


WUI conference speaker gives tips on how firefighters can prepare and conduct home assessments to protect residents’ properties from wildland fires and to become a more fire-adapted community.

The Wildland Fire Assessment Program (WFAP) is the first program targeted to volunteers that specifically prepares them to evaluate a home and provide residents with recommendations to protect their property from wildfires in order to become a more fire-adapted community.

When a wildfire is coming, are you ready?


Protect your home and property with the VERSAX® Fire Pump Cart System, fully equipped with professional grade equipment with a powerful self-priming 2-Stage fire pump powered by a Honda engine. This home fire pump is simple to set up, operate, easy to maneuver and offers superior performance. You can use this fire pump near a lake or a private pool and when you're done, clean up and storage is effortless.

However, you shouldn't place yourself in a situation that seems dangerous or life threatening. In the case of a wildfire, the effectiveness of the VERSAX® fire pump lies in its ability to wet the perimeter of a property (using nozzle or sprinkler heads) to avoid flying ambers from igniting the structure. It is more of a pro-active measure than equipment designed to fight the fire directly.

This equipment is also suitable for rapid interventions were you can control a small fire on a property before the firefighters get there.

The VERSAX® Fire Pump Cart System is brought to you by WATERAX, makers of portable high-pressure fire pump such as the MARK-3® and the BB-4®, trusted by the wildland firefighting community since the 1920’s. Our pumps are as tested and proven as the men and women who use them every day.


What is a VERSAX pump?

VERSAX 500x500

The VERSAX® is a versatile, rugged, and economical twin impeller self-priming pump powered by a Honda engine for superior water transfer performance as well as the ability to combat fire from a greater distance and at an elevation. This unit was conceived with the same level of reliability and effectiveness required by the pros. Built with an original WATERAX self-priming 2-stage centrifugal fire pump. The VERSAX® is a multipurpose fire pump that can also be used for other applications such as tank filling, water transfers and as ATV slip-on units.


Having a fire pump accessible at all time means you are ready and equipped.

Stop fire in its tracks & fight fires like the pros with the VERSAX® Cart System unit. Protect your defensible space and reduce the chances of the fire spreading to neighboring homes or the surrounding forest. Looking after your defensible space gives your property a fighting chance against an approaching wildfire.

*You shouldn't put yourself in a situation that seems dangerous and always prepare your home and property in the WUI according to the fire prevention information found at sources such as NFPA’s Firewise® Communities website, or FireSmart Canada and evacuate as soon as authorities (or common sense) tells residents that they need to get out.