Our journey started in 1898 and will continue for generations to come with the new MARK-3® Watson Edition, the first-ever purpose built engine for wildland firefighting.

Moving the legend forward

The next-gen MARK-3® Watson Edition pump. 30% lighter. 20% smaller. 100% MARK-3®.

Fire is unpredictable. Our genuine parts aren’t.

Maintain your pumps with WATERAX genuine parts.

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Our network of authorized dealers is your source for everything WATERAX including technical expertise.

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Join WATERAX in its mission is to place powerful, precision engineered pumps into the hands of wildland firefighters.

Our Mission

Firefighter with MARK-3® pump

Our Mission

Place powerful, precision engineered lightweight portable pumps into the hands of our wildland firefighters to move water to protect our forests and communities from the ravages of wildfires.

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Our Fire Pumps

WATERAX is proud to continue its century-long tradition of designing, manufacturing and supporting high-performance and durable portable pumps suited to meet the most difficult water handling requirements.

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MARK-3® pump end Firefighter with drip torch Firefighter with drip torch

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Forest fire

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Watson Edition

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20% Smaller
30% Lighter
100% MARK‑3®
MARK-3® Watson Edition in mysterious setting

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