Our areas of expertise

WATERAX fire pumps are built to last, and many, sold decades ago, are still in operation today, and maintained with genuine spare parts.

Our Products

WATERAX offers a complete line of high-pressure centrifugal portable fire pumps and components suited to meet the most difficult water handling requirements.

News & Events

WATERAX Pumps for Wildland Fire Apparatus

Fire agencies need versatile, rugged and portable equipment for wildland and wildland-urban interface (WUI) applications, to transport firefighters, hoses, pumps, fittings, water and other equipment. Due to the…

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Rollover & WATERAX Pump Testing With Calaveras Consolidated

The Calaveras Consolidated chief believes that testing and training should always be executed as if it were the real deal. This test is the deployment of portable water pump,…

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WATERAX: Innovation driven by team work

Running a century-old company doesn’t mean you have to hold on to outdated business practices. WATERAX, a Montreal-based water-pump manufacturer is proof of this. Its decision-makers innovated by…

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