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CIFFC Meeting 2018

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre Inc. (CIFFC) will host their Management Committee Annual General Meeting this February 2018 in Ottawa, ON.  

To show our support, WATERAX will host its 64th Annual Banquet in honor of CIFFC on Wednesday 7th!

CIFFC has attracted international attention and delegations from various developing nations regularly visit the Centre to review its operations. Through various departments of the Government of Canada, the CIFFC has coordinated Canadian response to international requests for assistance. Such requests for international assistance will continue and the Fire Centre, along with member agencies and Canadian corporations will be organized to address these requests.

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre will continue to be front and centre in forest fire management by helping our neighbours around the world. 


The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre Inc. (CIFFC) was opened on June 2, 1982 with a mandate to provide operational forest fire management services to Member Agencies that will, by agreement, gather, analyze and disseminate fire management information to ensure a cost-effective sharing of resources; and actively promote, develop, refine, standardize and provide services to Member Agencies that will improve forest fire management in Canada.

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