XVII International fair forest, pulp and paper

From November 18 to 20, 2015

Come and Visit Us at the Canadia Pavillion, Booth 6-14A

Between 18 and 20 November in Coronel, Concepción Province, the Forestry Capital of Chile, will receive exhibitors and visitors to the eighteenth International Exhibition of Forestry, Pulp and Paper, “EXPOCORMA 2015”, which has become the great biennial encounter of the forest sector, bringing together exhibitors from five continents, including entrepreneurial missions, professionals and workers.

The great interest of timber companies in taking part in this event shows that the “Latin American Forest Summit” is an optimum platform for business transactions and a centre of technology transfer through technical workshops and field visits, and which also provides a unique opportunity for interaction in terms of specialised knowledge and exchange of experiences on state-of-the art issues.The event is organised by “The Chilean Wood Corporation AG –CORMA, a trade organization that groups Chilean forest, pulp and paper companies.

Chile is a long and narrow strip of land located in the south weastern part of South America, bounded by the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It has the privilege of having a tri-continental dimension, meaning that it has sovereignty over territories located on three continents; America, Antarctica and Oceania, This condition places it in an advantageous position in terms of the range and dynamisms of its international trade relations. Chile has an ample variety of climates. In the north we have vast deserts, like the Atacama – the driest desert in the world – and the frozen islets in the extreme south of the country. In the middle we have the warm central zone valleys, with a Mediterranean climate where temperatures range from 3 to 17 degrees in the winter , and 10 and 30 degrees Centigrade in the summer. It is divided into fourteen regions, plus a Metropolitan Area, which contains the capital, Santiago, Chile. The country’s official language is Spanish and its currency is the peso ($1USD=$570 pesos). Our Gross Domestic per capita Product is approximately 20,000 dollars, with a total population of over 16 million.

Expocorma, the International Exhibition of Forestry, Pulp and Paper, has been held since 1987 in the Eighth Region of Bio Bio, the geographic centre of the nation, which has as its capital Concepción. This event gathers brings together exhibitors from the five continents, entrepreneurial missions, professionals and people involved in the wood, pulp and paper industry.

The Fair takes place in the Region of Bio Bio, which is the heart of forestry activity in the country, which in 2013 generated a total of forest exports for approximately 5,700 milllion dollars.

Business deals for over 120 million dollars are closed in Expocorma, which receives some 14 thousand people. It has been established that participants, which in 2013 totalled 365 exhibitors from 32 different countries, has as 90% of its main objectives to promote its products, 80% of its aims is to sell them, 56% is to launch a new product and 33% to look for a representative.



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