Indy On Fire FDIC

INDY on Fire at FDIC 2016

WATERAX is going to be present at INDY on Fire 2016 hosted by Willie Wines Jr. of Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen Blog, Andrew Catron of The The “Model City” Firefighter and Rhett Fleitz of The Fire Critic

Another HUGE party in Indianapolis during FDIC this year!

You will also be able to see bloggers, Rhett & Willie, at our Booth 4048 on Friday, April 22nd.

The party is FREE to attend and everyone is invited!

This year’s party will feature food & drinks, music, raffle prizes and a casino night! Fun and Fellowship!

More information will be added as the event nears.

Come and join us at The Crane Bay Event Center, 551 W Merrill St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

See you there!

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