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Winter in many parts of the world means snow, and snow means skiing! Ski resorts in North America rely on snow pumps to ensure there is adequate snow cover for trails early in the season.

We recently spoke with Alain Masson, Canadian Olympian (1984, 1988, 1992) and head coach and sport coordinator for Cross Country Yukon since 1995, about how he and his team use their snowmaking equipment.

Cross Country Yukon is the sport governing body for cross-country skiing in the Yukon region of Canada. In order maximize the ability for athletes to train, Cross Country Yukon needs to make snow to cover trails while waiting for natural snow to come in during the first weeks of the season, generally early November.

Their portable snowmaking system includes a 100 KW generator, two snow fan guns, snow hoses and a WATERAX ULTRASNOW water pump. This lightweight and mobile solution allows Cross Country Yukon to easily move the pump and other gear to accommodate their needs in different areas of the trail system.

“We needed a reliable pump that can operate all day, every day for days at a time. The pump needed to be strong enough to deliver at least 120 GPM at a minimum of 100 PSI to supply the water requiredby the two snow fan guns that are making the snow,” said Masson.

WATERAX was recommended to Cross Country Yukon by the Yukon Wilderness Fire Department which has relied on WATERAX pumps for years. They praised WATERAX products as very reliable, powerful, and as a solution that would get the job done.

“We have been able to pump thousands of cubic meters of water so far and the pump is holding strong,” according to Masson. “The WATERAX pump we have is well suited for a small and portable snowmaking system like ours.”


The WATERAX ULTRASNOW pump in action.


About WATERAX Snowmaking Pumps


The STRIKER-3, also known as ULTRASTRIKER  and ULTRASNOW, is a high-pressure fire pump powered by a Honda 4-stroke engine qualified for Type-7 brush trucks. Applications include slip-on units, attack-line firefighting, high elevation firefighting in mountainous areas, tandem pumping over long distances, cabin protection and snowmaking.

The STRIKER features a quick-release clamp and a detachable pump end for minimal equipment downtime and inventory, as well as a unique blister-resistant mechanical rotary seal to prolong pump end longevity. Aluminum alloy pump components and anodized parts provide lighter weight and greater resistance to corrosion.

The exclusive sealed bearing requires no greasing from the operator, which provides ease of use and reliability that you can count on in frigid winter temperatures.

For more information about the WATERAX ULTRASNOW pump, check out the Snowmaking section of our online store.

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