BB-4® Diesel Series

The renowned BB-4® is now available in Diesel and has been officially listed on the USFS Type 6 Fire Apparatus specifications! The BB-4-D902 pump pairs a reliable high performance 4-stage centrifugal pump end with a powerful Kubota D902 25 HP Diesel Engine. Compatible with Type 4, Type 5 and Type 6 brush trucks, it is strong enough to operate as a source pump for tandem and parallel pumping, it is also optimal for direct attack firefighting, remote watering, sprinkler systems, and is a popular choice for slip-on units. The WATERAX quick release clamp provided on the BB-4® pump lets you replace a damaged pump end in the field with minimal equipment downtime. The 4-stage pump end on the BB-4® is identical to the pump end on the MARK-3® unit, which greatly reduces your spare parts inventory and improves your ability to respond to unforeseen equipment damage. When building your next wildland fire engine, choose the name that wildland firefighters trust the most: WATERAX.

• Brush Trucks
• Attack line firefighting
• Long hose lay for remote watering during firefighting operations
• High elevation firefighting in mountainous areas
• High-pressure provides accuracy in flow trajectory
• Tandem pumping over long distances
• Parallel pumping for higher volumes

Features and Benefits

• Quick release clamp and detachable pump end for minimal equipment downtime and inventory
• Sealed bearing to eliminate pump end greasing in the field
• Belt drive system for reliable, low maintenance performance
• Aluminium alloy pump components and anodized parts for lighter weight and greater resistance to corrosion
• EPA Certified

The BB-4® Diesel  has been officially listed on the USFS Type 6 Fire Apparatus specifications.

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