VERSAX® Series

The VERSAX® is a versatile, rugged, and economical twin impeller self-priming pump powered by a Honda engine for superior water transfer performance as well as the ability to combat fire from a greater distance and at an elevation. The VERSAX® is a multipurpose fire pump that can also be used for other applications such as tank filling, water transfers and as ATV slip-on units.

• Firefighting
• Tank filling
• High head general water transfer
• Boom spraying
• Irrigation
• ATV slip-ons

Features and Benefits

• Twin impeller design provides additional pressure for longer & higher pumping applications
• Pump casing and diffusers manufactured from quality corrosion resistant grade aluminum for long life
• Nylon glass fiber reinforced impellers are fully corrosion proof and lightweight
• Removable discharge and suction ports:
· Provide quick access inside the pump volute
· Cost effective ports replacement in case of damages (ex: damaged threads)
• 3-way discharge port for easy installation
• Powder coated casing for added corrosion resistance
• Self-priming for more versatile installation options
• Easy access to drain port
• Low oil protection
• FastwireTM included on all vehicle mounted units.
• Comprehensive user and service manuals
• EPA Certified

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