The Battalion TV – The Series

WATERAX will be part of The BattalionTV

The Battalion-The Series, has been in development since 2003. Filmed in the dynamic and scenic city of San Francisco, California, the series follows the men and women of the San Francisco Fire Department as they face danger on a daily basis. Mr. Furtado and his crew have been granted extraordinary behind the scenes access to these brave modern-day heroes and have captured their thoughts and feelings on film. Each weekly episode offers us a glimpse into what motivates these unique individuals whose job is to rescue and save the lives of total strangers.

The Battalion-The Series is not just about fighting fires. It is about firefighters helping to save the lives of others during crisis situations. It is about the bond that exists between these men and women. It is about trust, teamwork, and watching each other’s back as they face new danger each time they go out on a call. It is about a very special family that may show up at your home, your car, your place of work or anywhere else you may be when you unexpectedly need help. It is about the best of us.

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