RANCHER Hannay Reels

The NEW RANCHER® with a Hannay Hose Reel

WATERAX is happy to reveal its newest collaboration with Hannay Reels. The improved RANCHER® with a Hannay Hose Reel!

The RANCHER® is a compact and lightweight unit designed for use on ATVs and small utility vehicles. Commonly used in wildland urban interface areas to rapidly access remote areas beyond the reach of standard skid units.

A RANCHER® can be used for a variety of water handling applications such as park and spot fire patrol, prescribed burns, mop-up operations, and general farm and rural community work. It is easy to operate and maintain and can effortlessly slide on and off of a vehicle as needed.

Powered by a WATERAX pump; the lightweight MINI-STRIKER® pump pairs a reliable single stage pump end driven by a Honda 4-stroke 2.5 HP engine. It ensures quality, reliability, and durability while the non-corrosive piping makes for an enduring robust plumbing system. The entire assembly is firmly mounted on a matte copolymer polypropylene base with rails and cut-outs for easy lifting.

Available in 65 gallons or 125 gallons.
This unit is ideal for rapid interventions in remote areas!

Protect your home and property by using water or foam to fight a structural fire or a wildfire.

The RANCHER® slip-on unit is brought to you by WATERAX, makers of portable high-pressure fire pump such as the MARK-3® and the BB-4®, trusted by the wildland firefighting community since the 1920’s. Our pumps are as tested and proven as the men and women who use them every day. This unit was conceived with the same level of reliability and effectiveness required by the pros.


Having a fire pump accessible at all time, for high risk and high value residential properties, means you are ready and equipped. Protect your defensible space and reduce the chances of the fire spreading to neighboring homes or the surrounding forest. Looking after your defensible space gives your property a fighting chance against an approaching wildfire before the firefighters arrive. While we do not encourage you to fight a raging wildfire on your own, you can make a difference with the right plan and the appropriate equipment.

Always prepare your home and property in the WUI according to the fire prevention information found at sources such as NFPA’s Firewise® Communities website, or FireSmart Canada and evacuate as soon as authorities (or common sense) tells residents that they need to get out. Structure Protection Equipment (SPU) is a value-added tool to all the Firewise® and FireSmart measures.

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