WATERAX is proud to continue its almost century-long tradition of designing, manufacturing and supporting high-performance and durable portable pumps. The key to its success lies in its ability to craft high quality components which form the cornerstone of superior and dependable pump performance.

Detachable Multi-Stage Pump Ends

WATERAX performance and dependability come from our superior multi-stage pump end design that provides unrivaled pressure and volume.

  • Unique blister resistant mechanical rotary seal to prolong pump end longevity.
  • Maintenance free sealed bearing to avoid the need for greasing the pump end in the field.
  • Anodized aluminium impellers and pump body which eliminate galvanic corrosion common with bronze impellers.


Low Maintenance Drive Assembly

Originally designed for the BB-4, the WATERAX low maintenance drive assembly has been time-tested under the most difficult conditions and proven to be dependable and reliable for more than 40 years.


Innovative Quick Release Clamp

Our innovative pump end quick release clamp provides ease of maintenance without having to disassemble the complete unit, thus significantly reducing equipment downtime, which can prove crucial in emergency situations.


Convenient 2-in-1 System

The WATERAX 2-in-1 system enables the easy interchanging of pump ends in the field. The platform is also compatible with either a high-pressure or a mid-range pump end, providing users with maximal performance flexibility at the lowest possible cost.