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Visit from MEQ at WATERAX

On October 18th, WATERAX hosted a visit from over 20 members from MEQ (Manufacturiers & Exportateurs du Quebec) to present their advancement in work standardization, the industry’s best practices and to demonstrate the recent implementation of DOZUKI.

DOZUKI is an innovative digital documentation platform, which has a powerful, interactive architecture designed with responsive features.

For years, companies have relied on outmoded programs—like Word or Powerpoint—that were never meant to produce instructions, guides, or manuals. The result: messy, unprotected, and unprofitable documentation.

However, the DOZUKI platform allows us to collect essential data in real-time and leverage insight from our most experienced employees, which was a huge challenge for us.



The manufacturing team mostly consisted of very experienced workers who had been with us for 40+ years. But, the advent of several new and younger employees made the transfer of knowledge a challenge since we could always rely on the well-established skills of our team in the past. The expansion of our team forced us to use old paper manuals, that were mostly outdated and that’s when, we realized that we needed an efficient solution to keep everything up-to date and work more efficiently.

From now on, our digital platform dedicated to pump mechanics powered by DOZUKI, will allow us to share the latest and greatest repair and maintenance procedures with our customers around the world.  It will also become an exchange platform with mechanics providing valuable feedback on our products while allowing us to rapidly and cost effectively maintain our documentation.

We have been working on implementing DOZUKI for the past few months and it has already helped us standardize our work and focus on more efficient practices.

All in all, MEQ visitors really appreciated the introduction of DOZUKI and were very impressed by our evolution over the last 6 years.  They were equally really thrilled by the passion and dynamism of the WATERAX team.