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WATERAX is proud to be part of the 2017 FDIC Exhibition which will be held from April 24th to 29th at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet our team at booth 3023.

About FDIC International

The FDIC “Experience” is hard to convey via mere statistics, percentages and words.

FDIC in Indianapolis attracts firefighters from around the world to train, network and learn from the industry’s most elite instructors.

Great learning opportunities from excellent hands on training to networking with firefighters around the country and worldwide. See it all at FDIC 2017!

Simply, there is no other event like FDIC International and to experience it, you’ll simply have to attend.


Featured Pumps


Photoshoot for Waterax in Trabuco Canyon, CA USA Saturday March 19th, 2016.

The MARK-3® portable fire pump is considered to be an essential piece of equipment used by wildland firefighters across North America and around the world. The upgraded MARK-3® successfully passed the USDA Forest Service 100 hours endurance test in San Dimas on 08/04/15 and has been requalified under QPL Number 274-001.

The trustworthy MARK-3® is always there for you when you need it.

Ask for the real McCoy: the MARK-3®, recognized across the firefighting industry as the ultimate lightweight, portable pump.



The renowned BB-4® is available in gas and Diesel! Qualified for Type 4, Type 5 and Type 6 brush trucks, this pump can be used as a source for tandem and parallel pumpingdirect attack firefightingremote watering and slip-on units.


The WATERAX BB-4 Diesel has been officially listed on the USFS Type 6 Fire Apparatus specifications. It pairs a high performance 4-stage centrifugal pump end with a powerful 25 HP Kubota diesel engine. Its interchangeable pump end with the legendary MARK-3® allows for in-field exchanges eliminating long equipment down time and greatly reducing parts inventory at service shops. When building your next wildland fire engine, choose the name that wildland firefighters trust the most: WATERAX.



MSTR-C New 500x500

The WATERAX MINI-STRIKER® Fire Pump Cart System, fully equipped with professional grade equipment such as HOTLINE® forestry hose, a suction hose, a Scotty nozzle, a camloc fitting, a foot valve & strainer and a universal Hose Wrench and a reliable single stage pump end with the Honda 4-stroke 2.5 HP engine to achieve pressures of up to 85 PSI (5.9 BAR) and offer volume supply of up to 80 GPM (303 L/Min). Extremely portable and lightweight, this mini powerhouse performs well when used by itself or in tandem with other pumps. It is also particularly suited to some of the latest fire control techniques where small, lightweight equipment is a requirement. The widely-available Honda 4-stroke 2.5 HP engine makes for ease of operation and engine parts sourcing.

Stop fire in its tracks and fight fires like the pros with the MINI-STRIKER® Cart System unit. Protect your defensible space and reduce the chances of the fire spreading to neighboring homes or the surrounding forest.




The MINI-STRIKER® pump pairs a reliable single stage pump end with the Honda 4-stroke 2.5 HP engine. Extremely portable and lightweight, this mini powerhouse performs well when used by itself or in tandem with other pumps, and is a very popular choice for entry level skid applications.

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The backpack hand pump is a valuable tool to quickly deliver water in many fire situations. It is the ideal firefighting water tank to suppress brush fires, grass fires and any other situation where a portable water source is needed, such as initial attack, hot spotting and mop-up operations on forest fires.

The WATERAX OT-4NX is a modernized poly backpack pump that was conceived with the comfort and safety of the user in mind. The tank is made of lightweight yet rugged UV-resistant polyethylene, making it easier to carry without compromising durability.



Guardnflo fire hose

Guardn’Flo® is a single jacket utility hose, available in 3/4” or 5/8” diameters. It features a polymer coating on the jacket to ensure maximum abrasion resistance and longevity of life while allowing the hose to remain flexible, lightweight and compact for easy storage.

Above all, Guardn’Flo® is versatile and well adapted to a number of different applications:

  • Wildfire remote fireline applications
  • Forestry mop-up and sprinkler hose kits
  • Quick access for brush fires, car fires and decontamination
  • Cottage and home values protection
  • RV potable water delivery including hobby farms, horse barns and shelters
  • Home and garden uses: plant and lawn irrigation, washing vehicles

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