Fire Pumps

WATERAX offers a complete line of high performance portable centrifugal pumps.

VERSAX® Multipurpose Pump

The VERSAX® is a versatile, rugged and economical twin-impeller self-priming pump powered by a Honda or a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard . It provides superior water-transfer performance as well as the ability to combat fire from greater distances and points of elevation. The VERSAX® is a multipurpose fire pump that can also be used for other applications such as tank filling, water transfers and as ATV slip-on units.


  • Firefighting
  • Tank filling
  • High head general water transfer
  • Boom spraying
  • Irrigation
  • ATV slip-ons

Features and benefits

  • Twin-impeller design provides additional pressure for longer and higher pumping applications
  • Pump casing and diffusers manufactured from quality corrosion-resistant grade aluminum for long life
  • Nylon glass fibre reinforced impellers are fully corrosion-proof and lightweight
  • Removable discharge and suction ports
  • Provide quick access inside the pump volute
  • Cost-effective ports replacement in case of damage (e.g. damaged threads)
  • 3-way discharge port for easy installation
  • Powder-coated casing for added corrosion resistance
  • Self-priming for more versatile installation options
  • Easy access to drain port
  • Low oil protection
  • Fastwire™ included on all vehicle-mounted units
  • Comprehensive user and service manuals
  • EPA certified
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