The WATERAX Platform
WATERAX offers of a complete line of high performance pump ends suited to meet the most difficult water handling requirements. The WATERAX platform is composed of a low maintenance drive assembly, a Mid-Range pump end and three high-pressure pump ends. The platform’s unique feature is its quick release clamp system which allows for the hook up of any WATERAX pump end to its drive assembly as well as almost instantaneous pump end detachment and interchange. This reduces equipment downtime, increase its flexibility and significantly cuts costs. These components are ideal for original equipment manufacturers looking to adapt high quality pump ends to their respective fire apparatus.

High-Pressure Pump Ends

The WATERAX high-pressure centrifugal pump ends are offered in 4-stage, 3-stage, and 2-stage configurations. They deliver pressure up to 440PSI (30.3 BAR) and flows reaching 106 GPM (401 L/min) and are ideal pump ends for moving water over long distance and high elevation.

In addition, all these pump ends have interchangeable spare parts. This helps keep inventory levels and costs low while maximizing the utility and versatility of each stored part. The quality, reliability and durability of these pump ends are what makes them the most trusted in the fire industry.


Mid-Range Pump End

The WATERAX B2X is a Mid-Range 2-stage centrifugal pump end that delivers pressure up to 200 PSI (13.8 BAR) and flows reaching 300 US GPM (1136 L/min). A strong show of pressure and volume it is the ideal pump end for dual attack lines dedicated to wildland & urban interface operations.

It is also perfect for high volume remote watering, booster line applications, brush trucks, slip-on units and for uphill tandem operations. The suction and discharge use a combination of Victaulic and national pipe threads to facilitate its plumbing.


Drive Assembly

WATERAX offers an outstanding drive assembly that boosts the performance of pump ends. The drive assembly increases the speed of pump revolutions resulting in increased pressure and volume. The drive assembly is used with the WATERAX quick release clamp to enable the coupling of the drive assembly to the desired pump end.