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Benchmarks in the wildland firefighting community, our trustworthy MARK-3® And bb-4® centrifugal fire pumps have been established leaders for generations.

They Trust WATERAX

From working as a wildland firefighter, I’ve used this pump in life or death situations where if you don't cool down the blaze, immediate extraction would be required. These pumps are tougher than nails and have my 100% trust when working a fireline!

Jared Coombs, Canada

I have seen these things pump in places no one would even think possible.

Nicholas Stefanakis, British Columbia

It absolutely never fails on the fireline! Run that pump for 8 hours and it won’t fail! Thanks for making an amazing pump!

Austin McEwan, Canada

It is a great product with a really solid history of being dependable under harsh conditions.

David, United States

I love the MARK-3® pump. It has never let me down.

Shane, Texas

As chief of Eula VFD we want to thank all of you at WATERAX for quickly addressing this situation. I was amazed and never expected this to go so easy. In March of 2018 I went to work for Daco and sold four pumps, three were WATERAX pumps. I was thinking I'll never sell another one but after this WATERAX will be the pump I push because any product is only as good as the service after the sale. I'm so looking forward to many more years of not only fighting fires with your pumps but selling them to brother and sister firefighters, knowing yall have our backs.

Charlie Dawson, Chief of Eula Volunteer Fire Department and sales rep for Daco Fire Equipment

A BIG thank you to Luc at Flash Fire & Safety for supplying my son and I with MINI-STRIKER® pumps to aid in fighting the fire that was threatening my son’s ranch at Waterton in July 2018! The MINI-STRIKER® lightweight pumps played a huge part in containing the fire and eventually stopping it!

David Flundra

A week ago, an out of control fire across the river from us (at North Santiam State Park, Marion County Oregon) jumped over onto our property. We had no way of defending our home or our woods aside from our garden hoses. The fire burned approximately 3 acres of fir, maple, cedar and oak. Three generations of timber gone ... just 1/4 mile from our house. The Oregon Department of Forestry came in and has worked the last 7 days extinguishing all the hot spots. They are using WATERAX MINI-STRIKER® pumps! I've been very impressed by their performance in such a compact unit. Thank you for making such great quality products!

R. Travis Dudley

We have been doing business with WATERAX for several years now. From the beginning, we’ve always had good communications with all members of the team, from sales to accounting. Follow-ups and feedback on our emails are always fast and what we need to be on top with our customers. We are also always informed (without even asking) when there are liquidations which allows us to benefit. The ordering system on their website is super simple and gives us free shipping. Doing business with WATERAX is always a pleasure.

Chloé Renaud, Operations Director at Boivin & Gauvin Inc

Excellent service, above and beyond what was expected.

Brandon Williamson

Above and beyond in helping me solve a problem.

Chris Butler, Placerville

We build type 6 wildland fire engines and WATERAX supplies us with plumbing parts we need and electrical parts. We ordered from WATERAX back when it was known as Wildfire. WATERAX has supplied us well for over the past 14 years that I've been building and repairing fire engines. Good job!

B.I.A, Southwest Model 52 Program

Always professional and extremely knowledgeable staff! We stock over 400 MARK-3® pumps and always buy the BB-4® pump setup for our engine builds.

Evan Arthur, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

Time tested equipment that has proven itself time and time again.

Rick Sidebottom, Flame Break LLC

Very dependable, long time user, best high pressure wildfire pump available in my opinion.

Jim Carpenter, retired NYS Forest Ranger, still active NYS Forest Fire Warden

MARK-3® pumps rock. They can move a lot of water quickly.

Nick Ryan, USA

Strong, reliable and easy to use pump that will provide enough water to take care of your wildland needs.

Scott Call, USA

I ordered two MARK-3® pumps for our station because I worked with them a lot on deployments. We placed them on our type 6 and type 1 apparatus. We have never had a problem with the MARK-3® other than operator error (flooding, etc.).

Kip Karr, USA

The MARK-3® is incredibly durable and easy to use. I’ve been able to set up a pump site in unstable terrain that a 4-stroke pump wouldn’t be able to operate out of and most other 2-stroke pumps wouldn’t be able to reach the pressure needs.

Cole Machej, Manitoba

The MARK-3® is indestructible. It has been our “go to” pump for wildland-urban interface for the last 10+ years. It’s ability to pump with phenomenal pressure for thousands of feet is key for our department.

Kyle Herman, Captain, The Pas Fire Department

The MARK-3® pump has been the wildland fire industry standard forever! Never found a fire pump that was more reliable.

Barry Manfield, Canada

Reliability! We used the MARK-3® pumps when I worked with the Ontario MNR and have continued relying on them during my years as a rural municipal fire department. The pumps we have now are 25+ years old and have not failed us.

Casey Cuddy, Fire Chief, Canada

Because they’re undeniable workhorses with versatility and the pumping power you need. I’ve fought fire with many pumps in many provinces, and the MARK-3® is my favourite! I still have dreams about troubleshooting, and I’ve been pump-person enough times to compose songs to the pitch of a MARK-3® running at full throttle!

L. Brookes, Manitoba

When we’re on fires the MARK-3® is single handedly the best piece of equipment we deal with. Whether it’s wrapping a small, one-hectare fire, or spending 20 days running hose up and down hills, the MARK-3® delivers. Easy to use, operate and troubleshoot if need be, there isn’t any other pump I would use.

Brian McIntosh, Canada

I have worked with the MARK-3® pump over 30 years on my wildfire career all across Alberta, BC, Ontario and Quebec. It’s a dependable pump for fighting wildland fire.

Brian McIntosh Canada

We have nothing but good ratings for the RANCHER®. It is the perfect size for our Ranger and has great volume and pressure with the pump. It is very well designed and I am very pleased with this unit all around.

Chris Leckie, Fire Chief of MacGregor, Manitoba Fire Department Sea Hawk Specialized Truck Service

My RANCHER® from WATERAX was instrumental in my private contracting company successfully prescribed burning nearly 6,000 acres in the state of Florida on park lands. Never once did it let me down.

Carlos Gutierrez, President, CEO & Owner at Bird Dog Fire & Land Management Inc.

We have been able to pump thousands of cubic metres of water so far and the pump is holding strong. The WATERAX pump we have is well suited for a small and portable snowmaking system like ours.

Alain Masson, Canadian Olympian (1984, 1988, 1992), head coach and sport coordinator for Cross Country Yukon (since 1995).