About Us

Benchmarks in the wildland firefighting community, our trustworthy MARK-3® And bb-4® centrifugal fire pumps have been established leaders for generations.

Our Areas of Expertise

WATERAX has a 125-year track record conceiving and manufacturing industry-leading water pumps and innovative water-moving solutions designed to withstand demanding use and the rugged environments in which they are operated.


Wildland fire prevention and protection is an everyday action to prevent potential destruction and reduce the impact of uncontrolled fires.

WATERAX is committed to helping wildland firefighters around the world meet the challenges of protecting people, property and forest resources by preventing and fighting fires.


Fire agencies need versatile, rugged and portable equipment for wildland and wildland-urban interface (WUI) applications to transport firefighters, hoses, pumps, fittings, water and all other related equipment. Due to the remote locations of wildland fires, getting to sites generally requires four-wheel drive and off-road capabilities.

WATERAX provides centrifugal fire pump models for type 4, 5, 6 and 7 wildland engines. To complement our high-pressure fire pumps, WATERAX offers a wide selection of components, such as control panels and manifolds, tailored to the needs of fire apparatus manufacturers who create brush trucks, skid unit slip-ons, trailers and sprinkler systems.

Our time-tested platform is renowned for its performance, reliability and durability. That is why many government agencies—like the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)—made the WATERAX BB-4® their preferred choice for type 6 fire apparatus


WATERAX portable pumps are widely used for wildland fire protection but they are also used in farm fields, oil fields, construction sites, marinas, golf courses and even to make ice bridges and snow.

To be efficient, a power pump must be lightweight, capable of generating high pressure and, most of all, reliable. WATERAX pumps are single- or multi-stage centrifugal pumps. This system allows for pumping from natural water sources (lakes, streams, rivers, pools, etc.) which often contain minor debris. Centrifugal systems also allow for tandem pumping and are able to pump water over large distances and points of elevation.